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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40_%28number%29 40 (forty) is the natural number following 39 and preceding 41.. Though the word is related to "four" (4), the spelling "forty" replaced "fourty" in the course of the 17th century and is now the standard form.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/40 Define 40. 40 synonyms, 40 pronunciation, 40 translation, English dictionary definition of 40. Noun 1. 40 - the cardinal number that is the product of ten and four forty, XL large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten Adj. 1.
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    www.imdb.com/title/tt1758830 Directed by Judd Apatow. With Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Iris Apatow. Pete and Debbie are both about to turn 40, their kids hate each other, both of their businesses are failing, they're on the verge of losing their house, and their relationship is threatening to fall apart.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.40_S%26W The .40 S&W was developed from the ground up as a law enforcement cartridge designed to duplicate performance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) reduced-velocity 10mm Auto cartridge which could be retrofitted into medium-frame (9mm size) semi-automatic handguns. It uses 0.40-inch (10 mm) diameter bullets ranging in weight from 105 to 200 grains (6.8 to 13.0 g).
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    www.rottentomatoes.com/m/this_is_40 For someone fast approaching 40 there was a lot about this film that resonated and whilst Apatow plays for laughs a lot he is fully aware that there is a grain of truth in all his scenes here.
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    nb.fidelity.com/public/nb/401k/home Fidelity Interactive Content Services LLC ("FICS") is a Fidelity company established to present users with objective news, information, data and guidance on personal finance topics drawn from a diverse collection of sources including affiliated and non-affiliated financial services publications and FICS-created content.
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    www.westernmassnews.com AGAWAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- As we know, it's hurricane season. Most recently, Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas devastating the island.
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