• WebMoney — Universal Payment System

    www.wmtransfer.com WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities
  • WebMoney - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebMoney WebMoney is an online payment settlement system. The company was founded in November 1998 in Russia as a money transfer system for United States dollars, in the wake of the 1998 Russian financial crisis that had led to increased US dollar use in Russia.. WebMoney users' funds are stored in a "purse", which holds electronic money corresponding to an underlying asset, such as a currency.
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    login.wmtransfer.com About the System Who should use it? The System is designed for developers and Web masters who wish to make use of all the authentication methods provided by WebMoney Transfer. Opportunities
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    play.google.com/store/apps/details WebMoney is now always with you! - Control the balance of your purses and cash flow - Issue invoices, send and receive WebMoney - Top up your card or bank account* with your purse and vice versa - Conveniently pay for telephone, Internet, utilities and many more services - Buy games, books and other digital products with just 1-Click - Chat with friends in a secure chat - Share your photos ...
  • WebMoney — система расчетов on-line

    www.webmoney.ru WebMoney Transfer — международная система расчетов и среда для ведения бизнеса в сети.
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    www.youtube.com/user/webmoney100 WebMoney Transfer («Вебмани») – международная система расчетов и среда для ведения бизнеса в сети, основана в 1998 году.
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    www.wmtransfer.com/eng/help/start/registration.shtml Registration in the WebMoney system includes four steps. Click on "Sign Up" Next, enter your mobile phone number in the international format. A phone is used: for the safety of transactions through SMS-code for payment confirmation; for searching WMID and to quickly restore access. Expand
  • WebMoney Wiki - WebMoney Wiki

    wiki.webmoney.lat Wiki se dedica a WebMoney Transfer¶. Aquí estamos publicando toda la información útil sobre WebMoney Transfer: ¿Qué es WebMoney Transfer?¿Quién lo usa? ¿Por qué usar WebMoney? Informamos aspectos técnicos, legales, económicos, financieros y otras cosas importantes sobre WebMoney Transfer y sus servicios. Cada usuario puede encontrar aquí la información buscada e interesante.
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    mini.wmtransfer.com/signup.aspx Choose registration type I am new to WebMoney Transfer; I already have a WMID and I want to manage it using WebMoney Keeper Standard
  • Підтримка WebMoney.UA

    webmoney-ukraine.com ФБ-група українських користувачiв WebMoney . ФБ-група українських користувачiв WebMoney "Пiдтримка WebMoney.UA" виступила з iнiцiативою створення цього iнтернет-ресурсу.